First Day of Trilateral Symposium (1/5)

Considering that this was our first official day for trilateral symposium, it feels that we had a great start having both very first Round Table (RT) discussions and Leadership Training Session both made this day. Leadership Training inspired me in many ways. “Continuum” & “Civility Respect” which were key words that I believe that must be remembered to be a future leaders to think about. Leader must be a leader for continuous period of time. Once you become a leader that does not mean you can stop working hard. You must always think about many elements to prove you are the leader of the group. It is also important for leaders to understand own limitation and make sure that you prevent risk of inefficient group management. These techniques can be learned from books that talk about leadership, but this session was very valuable in the sense that it included many of experience from US Navy. RT discussion (writer belong to History & Security) was more productive than I expected to be. KEC and JEC were very quiet and tired from jetlag, but still made many contributions to speak out what they had in mind.

 67th JASC Japanese Executive Committee – Isshu Fujii

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