A New Generation: Greetings from the 8th KEC Chair

Looking back on the unforgettable moments of 7th KASC, my experience made me grow and mature, and deeply affected my thoughts and attitude toward my life.

The 7th KASC had a huge positive impact on me. While spending a month with the 49 other delegates, I naturally, but at an astonishing speed, learned from and took in the strengths and virtues the other delegates possessed. We shared our ideas and experiences with one another in settings ranging from academic, to personal and professional. The 7th KASC created the perfect environment for me, enabling me to grow and become more mature without an exhausting struggle.

Next year, the 8th KASC will be held in the U.S. in July 2015 with the Theme of “Global Communication: Fostering Growth through Global Interface.” Delegates will travel to four sites: Sacramento, CA, Angola, IN, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, D.C. while sharing perspectives on the assigned RT topics, hearing RT-related lectures from eminent speakers, and engaging in cultural exchange with other delegates. As the 7th KASC was for me, the 8th KASC will be a unique opportunity for delegates to develop themselves both academically and personally.

The Executive Committee is working hard on planning the 8th KASC. We are recruiting heavily now, and are emphasizing adding even greater diversity to the 8th KASC, reaching out to applicants from different backgrounds and embracing differences among delegates. Furthermore, we are focusing on the academic aspect of the KASC, striving to further improve this aspect to add depth to the 8th KASC. The ECs are planning a well-balanced conference in terms of lectures and activities related to each roundtable and will work on useful guidelines for RT times both before and during the conference to facilitate RT time efficiently and professionally.

All the ECs including me are looking forward to meeting new 8th KASC delegates and making unforgettable memories of the 8th KASC in the States!

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