US Embassy Seoul – KASC Scholarship

The Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) is delighted to announce that a US Embassy Seoul – KASC scholarship will be awarded to four Korean students who are accepted as Korean delegates to the 8th Korea-America Student Conference. The scholarship will cover the full $3,500 conference fee for students to attend the conference. The conference fee covers roundtrip airfare from and back to Seoul, housing and board, transportation between each of the sites, ground transportation within each site, and all conference-related activities for the entire month-long conference.


Scholarships will be granted to Korean students who are enrolled as full time university students in a degree program in Korea. Undergraduate and Masters students are eligible to apply.  Candidates should be highly motivated students who demonstrate leadership through academic work, community involvement, and extracurricular activities.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate or submit proof of financial need. Priority will be given to students from under-represented sectors of society, including North Korean defectors, students with disabilities, and students from regional areas outside of Seoul.

All candidates should be proficient in English so that they can be active participants in the academic program.

No previous experience with Asian Studies is required.

Required Application Materials

In addition to the online application, transcript, resume, personal statement, and roundtable essays, students applying for the scholarship should submit:

– Statement of Financial Need

Please describe your background and any circumstances that demonstrate your financial need. Maximum 300 words.

Additional documents that should be included if applicable:

–  Family registration document

–  Documents that indicate low income eligibility

–  Disability identification card

–  North Korean defector registration certificate

Selection Process

  1. All application materials for the 8th KASC including the statement of financial need should be submitted online or emailed to by the January 2, 2015 deadline.
  2. Applications will be reviewed and candidates for interviews will be contacted by the 8th KASC Korean Executive Committee by the middle of January.
  3. Acceptance emails for the Korean delegation will be sent by ISC in the first week of February.
  4. Statements of financial need will be reviewed from the eligible pool of accepted Korean students. The four scholarship recipients will be notified by ISC on February 15, 2015. Recipients must notify ISC of their acceptance of the scholarship and participation in the delegation by February 28, 2015.

4 thoughts on “US Embassy Seoul – KASC Scholarship

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  2. hellow my name is lee seongjin that i take a call from korea different ly abled federation, and this community ask me for appling for kasc student.
    so then i submitted the resume. but i have a question. what isn’t fammily resistration document? isn’t it 가족관계증명서?

    secondly, where i grant my document? infomation center?
    thirdly, when and how i conduct a interview through facing EC
    as soon as the semeester coming down, thank you.

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