Chan Young Shin

Chan Young Shin, one of the 7th KASC Korean delegates, was featured by his school press, Sogang News Weekly. He is the first delegate to participate in KASC from Sogang University and he wanted to let other Sogang students know about this great program so that they too could be future KASCers. In the article, he briefly introduces KASC and why he decided to join the 7th Conference. Influenced by his father who has been working in the ministry of foreign affairs, his interest in international relations encouraged him to join the conference. As he is majoring in business administration, he is participating in the business and society roundtable discussion to combine his interests in both fields. As a proud KASCer and Sogang student, he hopes to become a CEO to promote international exchange and create an archive to share with alumni. The full article in Korean is available at by searching KASC.


2 thoughts on “Chan Young Shin

  1. Congratulations to Chang Young Shin on his KASC trailblazing efforts! May many others from Sogang University follow him to KASC in the future! Thank you very much!

    Larry Ingraham
    26th JASC

  2. Have you used blogs for inbound links? I heard they are
    meant to be good but can’t tell if they still work
    Shared on StumbleUpon, it will be useful to people over there

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