The 7th KASC Opening Ceremony in Gangwon, Korea

The 7th KASC has begun! On July 4th, the opening ceremony took place in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, one of the most beautiful cities in Korea. It was held at the 60th anniversary building at Kangwon National University and Ho Seung Shin, Dean of Kangwon National University and student representatives also attended to celebrate the beginning of a one-month journey of the 7th KASC.

“We hope that KASC becomes an opportunity for everyone’s goals. Whether, if it is seeking a new culture, building new relationships, creating professional network, strengthening academic background, whatever it may be, KASC always provides the opportunity to grow, learn and prosper, ” said Nae Won, the American Executive Committee Chair, as she announced this year’s theme “Introspection: Opportunity to Learn, Grow, and Prosper” for her opening speech. Sung Jun Kim, the Korean Executive Committee Chair, also hoped everyone would create a special connection with one other in such a diverse delegation.

The opening speech was followed by welcoming remarks from Ho Seung Shin, Dean of Kangwon National University. He was happy to announce the start of the 7th KASC in Chuncheon and added that he “believes the delegates will influence and benefit the bilateral relationship between Korea and the U.S. as the next generation leaders.”

His remarks were followed by a speech from student vice president and student council member of Kangwon National University to introduce the university’s mission and vision. The opening ceremony ended with a reception and delegates were so excited to officially start their journey. For about a week in Gangwondo, delegates will listen to lectures, visit the House of Sharing for comfort women and the DMZ to learn more about Korea. 



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