ISC Executive Director Featured in SAKURA News

On December 7th, 2013, an interview with Yuuki Shinomiya, the executive director of International Student Conferences (ISC), was published in SAKURA which is a free Japanese semi-monthly newspaper.

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The interview was entitled “Promoting bonds between the U.S. and Japan”, and in the interview, Yuuki introduced ISC, JASC and a main role of JASC as a mediator between two countries. In a historically unstable Japan-US relationship, JASC has continued its effort to connect two countries by facilitating exchange between students from both countries. Alumni of the program have gained insights and inspiration on that relationship and now form an expansive global network regardless of the academic, cultural, and social background. Based on this effort, Yuuki also mentioned that it is important to build trust between the U.S. and Japan through exchange and communication, and JASC will be an important connector for this.

The article in its entirety is attached, but only available in Japanese.


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