7th KASC ECs: leaders not only for KASC, but for their communities

KASC would like to introduce some of the activities that 7th KASC Executive Committee is initiating. Although ECs are spread out over the country, each of them put ISC and KASC missions into practice in their communities.

Jongwoon Han attended the 24th  American Model UN Conferences held in Chicago, Illinois from November 23 to 26 for students, young professionals and faculty from the corner of the world. Jongwoon said it was “An opportunity to learn, grow, and prosper just like 7th KASC theme at the AMUN Conference!”

Jongwoon in an event

Jongwoon at the 24th American Model UN Conference in Chicago

Nae Won, the Chair of the 7th KASC, was honored to be an organizer and a speaker of the largest cultural showcase held at the Memorial Hall in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on November 9. This year’s theme was “Flight,” because the purpose of the show was to inspire the audience to soar through barriers of life to achieve their goals, whether if it is stage fright or stereotypes. It also stood for the action of taking a journey into Asia and seeing the beauty of the different Asian cultures through creative performances.

She, as one of the executive board for UNC’s Asian Student Association, planned and conducted the cultural showcase including an introductory speech, Korea Fan Dance Fairies and a parade of flags so as to share different cultures, in line with KASC’s ultimate goals.

From left to right: Nae speaking on stage, Nae with friends, Korea Traditional Dance,  Flag Parade



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