KASC 7 Roundtables, Sites Announced

The KASC 7 Executive Committee

The Roundtables and Sites for the 7th KASC are now available on the KASC website!

In 2014, KASC will return to the Republic of Korea, visiting Gangwon-do, Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island. The roundtables for the conference follow:

Business and Society: Restructuring Our Economies for Modern Times
Communication and Culture: An Emerging Multicultural Media
Politics and Security: The Past, Present and New Direction for the ROK-U.S. Alliance
Global Human Rights: Responsibility in Finding the Solutions to A Fair Society
Education: Problems of Current Education System and A New Model for Both

Interested students are encouraged to browse the site and ask questions through http://iscdc.org/kasc/contact/. The application will be available online soon.


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