JASCers Hear From Japanese Diet Member Shinjiro Koizumi

On August 20th, 2013, the JASC 65 delegation spoke with Japanese Politician Shinjiro Koizumi. Mr. Koizumi is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party and represents the Kanagawa 11th district in Japan’s Parliment. He is also the second son of former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and younger brother of actor Kotaro Koizumi.

Mr. Koizumi spoke on his experience studying abroad at Columbia University in New York City as well as his motivation for pursuing a career in politics. He then answered JASCers’ questions which ranged in topic from Mr. Koizumi’s views on U.S. bases in Japan to his advice for future leaders. When asked whether he had ambitions to one day become Japan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Koizumi responded that his first goal is to serve the people and if it was the people’s wish, he’d serve them in that role.

Shinjiro Koizumi, member of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Part speaks with JASC delegates.


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