JASC 65 Comes to a Close with Final Forum and an Alumni Reception

AEC member Patrick Meuer of Edgewood College reads an opening statement for the final forum.

The Culture and Technology roundtable presents.

On August 22nd, 2013, the hard work of the JASC 65 delegation came to a head as students made their presentations during the Final Forum. Held at Aoyama Gakuin University, the site of the first JASC in 1934, the Final Forum drew a small but enthusiastic crowd of alumni, students, and supporters. Over 20,000 viewers also watched the Final Forum online thanks to streaming service Nico Nico Japan.

Members of the JASC 65 delegation made presentations about their roundtable topics, themes they had been studying and discussing together since first being selected as delegates. The roundtable process begins with the roundtable essay, a research paper prepared prior to JASC. This paper forms the basis for discussion once delegates arrive at the conference. Over the course of the conference in their roundtable, a group of four Japanese and four American students, delegates examine their topic through fieldtrips and discussions. The Final Forum presentation is an opportunity for each roundtable to share their findings and provide policy recommendations or project plans. The unique challenge of synthesizing the ideas of a group of eight students from differing backgrounds into one brief presentation is one of the most challenging components of JASC, but also one of the most rewarding.

Nozomi Obinata of International Christian University speaks during the Social Minorities and Discrimination roundtable’s presentation.

Yamato Komura of Akita International University asks his fellow delegates a question during the Final Forum.

Following the Final Forum, the delegation was hosted by the JASC Japan alumni association for a reception with fellow alumni. Many alumni from recent years were in attendance as well as some from JASCs long past.

Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and JASC 36 & 37 (1984 & 1985) alumnus Kurt Tong addresses the delegation and reception guests.

Mr. Shoichi Nakase, alumnus of JASC 8 & 9 (1947 & 1948) speaks at the reception.

Mr. Yoshinori Imai, alumnus of JASC 17 (1965) gives a toast.

JASC 65 Executive Committee Members and alumni from JASC 64 reconnect at the reception.


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