JASC 66 Executive Committee Begins Planning for 80th Anniversary Conference

On August 23rd, 2013 the Executive Committee (EC) for the 66th Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) was elected. At the end of each conference, the delegation chooses through election sixteen leaders to plan and implement the next JASC. The EC is made up eight students studying at Japanese universities and eight students studying at universities in the United States. These students make up the Japanese Executive Committee (JEC) and American Executive Committee (AEC) respectively.

The 66th JASC JEC, from left to right, Takeshi Suzuki, Yamato Komura, Samuel Hibiki Sekiguchi, Ririna Kaneko, Yuki Onuma, Yuki Onishi, Yugo Kimura, and Yohei Komatsuzaki

The 66th JASC AEC, from left to right, Pramodh Ganapathy, Ayaka Yoshida, Ken Panis, Sarah Choi, Sharon Lu, Anna Zeng, Norihito Naka, and Quyen Nguyen

The EC members names, school years, and universities follow:

Chair: Yohei Komatsuzaki, Senior, Keio University
Takeshi Suzuki, Senior, Ritsumeikan University
Yamato Komura, Junior, Akita International University
Samuel Hibiki Sekiguchi, Junior, Hosei University
Ririna Kaneko, Senior, Sophia University
Yuki Onuma, Senior, Tokai University
Yuki Onishi, Senior, Doshisha University
Yugo Kimura, Junior, Waseda University
Yohei Komatsuzaki, Senior, Keio University

Chair: Anna Zeng, Sophomore, Johns Hopkins University
Pramodh Ganapathy, Senior, Duke University
Ayaka Yoshida, Sophomore, Northwestern University
Ken Panis, Sophomore, Villanova University
Sarah Choi, Junior, Haverford College
Sharon Lu, Senior, University of Wisconsin Madison
Norihito Naka, Sophomore, Tufts University
Quyen Nguyen, Sophomore, Smith College

After elections, the EC used the remainder of their brief time together in Tokyo planning for the 66th conference to be held in the U.S. in 2014. 2014 marks 80 years since the founding of the conference in 1934 and the conference will include a number of special events marking the occasion. More information about the EC, roundtables, and sites for the 66th conference will be available soon at http://iscdc.org/jasc/2014/.

Anna Zeng signs the “Tokyo Declaration” which outlines the terms by which the EC agrees to carry out the next conference.

AEC chair Anna Zeng and JEC Chair Yohei Komatsuzaki shake hands after signing the “Tokyo Declaration”

More pictures of the new EC are available on the JASC Flickr.



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