6th KASC Kick-Off!

The 6th KASC has begun its journey in Pohang! Opening ceremony was held in Handong Global University, led by both Korean and American Executive Committee Chairs.

Left: Mr. Jeong, Sang-Mo (Vice President for Academic Affairs of Handong University)
Right: Mr. Jeong, Byeong-Yun (Deputy Mayor of Pohang)

There were three welcome addresses by Mr. Jeong, Sang-Mo, a vice president for academic affairs of Handong University, Mr. Keong, Byeong-Yun, a deputy mayor of Pohang and Mr. Noh, Sung-Bum, a Managing Director of POSCO Research Institute.

Lindsay Horikoshi speaking with keynote speaker before heading to dinner reception

Above all, the keynote speaker, Dr. Choi, Do-Soung who is a vice president for Global Adcancement of Handong University, was especially inspiring and the reception was a delicious Korean buffet.

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