Why Small Donations Matter

We all know that big donations, whether to a charity or a non-profit, are very visible.  These donations are extremely important, but, the truth of the matter is that small donations are the heart of any organization.  With JASC’s ongoing fundraising efforts the New York Campaign and New York vs The World Campaign, small donations can make a huge impact.

A large number of small donations can fund big portions of the conference, and JASC’s vast alumni network makes this possible. It is our goal while tracking donations to have at least 50 alumni from JASC 60-65 donate, regardless of the amount they give. To this end, John Shook, JASC 29, is matching first time donations up to $5,000! This is an excellent opportunity for first time donors, who may only have a small donation to give, to get involved and give back to JASC.

Giving to JASC will not only greatly impact the 65th conference this summer, but will also impact you! Contributing to future generations should make you feel good.  Regardless of the size of your donation, your money is going to a cause that will change the world: your money is making a difference.

JASC is student driven: student run, and ultimately, student funded. You, as a part of JASC’s prestigious alumni network, can ensure the success of another conference! Donate today!!


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