Thank you, Steve!

Steve Moss, JASC 31 (1979), has stepped down as chairman of the International Student Conferences (ISC) board of directors after serving two full terms in the position.

ISC would like to thank Steve for his service to the organization. He has been instrumental in the success of JASC since 1979, when, he participated in the conference as a student delegate, and also played a key role in the founding of JASC Inc. which ensured the stability of the program. He remained involved as a supporter of JASC and board member. During his tenure on the board of directors JASC Inc. changed its name to ISC and added the Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) to its programming. Under Steve’s leadership, both JASC and KASC have not only been able to survive, but have thrived and maintained their position as the premier student-run exchanges between the U.S. and Japan and the U.S. and Korea.

We thank Steve for his tremendous contributions to ISC, which we continue to feel everyday as we work to support JASC and KASC, and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

More pictures of Steve throughout the years and messages from those he worked with are available here.


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