JASCer Akira Tana Out with New Album and Tour to Benefit Tohoku Region

Akira Tana JASC 25 (1973) and his band.

Akira Tana JASC 25 (1973) explores the intersection of Japanese and American culture through music.

Akira participated in JASC as a student at Harvard University studying East Asian Studies. After completing his degree he went on to become a renowned Jazz drummer. Last summer, the Cultural Innovation and the Arts roundtable saw Akira perform live at the Freight and Salavage in Berkeley, CA where his band, the Secret Agent Men, played songs inspired by the James Bond series.

His latest project, “Otonowa”, features beautiful Japanese melodies from the worlds of Japanese folk and pop music,with a jazz twist. You can read more about the album here. It will be available soon on ITunes and Amazon as well. The group will be touring Japan with guest artist, Saki, starting March 26, 2013 in Tokyo and will be performing for the communities in Tohoku which are still recovering from the devastating earthquake or tsunami a few years ago. Half of the proceeds from the ticket and album sales will go towards Tohoku recovery efforts.

For more about Akira and his career visit http://www.akiratana.com.


Otonowa Front Cover

Otonowa Back Cover

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