Announcing the Lou Cagnina 2013 JASC Scholarship

ISC would like to announce that an individual donor has established a scholarship in the amount of $3500 to go towards one student’s participation fee to attend the 65th JASC. The “Lou Cagnina 2013 JASC Scholarship” will be given in honor of the late Lou Cagnina, a participant in the 48th JASC(1996). The scholarship has been formed in Lou’s memory to provide funding for a student to enjoy the JASC experience as Lou once did.

The scholarship will be open to those applying to the 65th JASC and the deadline to apply is the same as the deadline to submit the online application (March 1, 2013). For more information about the scholarship, including how to apply, please see this PDF.

To start your application for the 65th JASC visit


4 thoughts on “Announcing the Lou Cagnina 2013 JASC Scholarship

  1. I was in the 48th JASC with Lou, and am sad to hear of his passing! Can I ask what happened to him? I fully understand if they’d like to keep it private.

    • It’s great to hear you were able to participate in the conference with Mr. Cagnina!
      He passed away in 2007 from brain cancer at the age of 36, but his efforts in fundraising for this program and the American Brain Tumor Association, and from what I heard, his cheerful attitude in making a difference in this world, will not be forgotten! I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Mr. Cagnina’s wife during the scholarship process and heard many amazing things about him that just made my entire day. I am happy and looking forward to spending his birthday during the 65th conference in August and more than grateful to be continuing my own love of learning during this program as much as Mr. Cagnina did during the 48th JASC.

  2. It touches my heart seeing this. Brought tears to my eyes seeing that my brothers name still continues to help people. He was a great man, friend and brother. I miss him everyday!

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