Roundtable Sees Renowned Jazz Artist and JASC Alumnus Akira Tana Perform Live

Akira Tana (JASC 1972) plays the drums for his band Akira Tana and the Secret Agent Men

The Cultural Innovation and Arts Roundtable of the 64th JASC were able to experience performance arts and cultural exchange directly thanks to an invitation from JASC alumnus and renowned jazz artist Akira Tana to see his performance at the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley, CA. The roundtable was able to see Akira Tana and his band “The Secret Agent Men” perform songs from their album “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. The album is a Jazz interpretation of songs from the popular James Bond series.  It is also an experiment in cross cultural exchange as the band brings together individuals from various cultural backgrounds united by the art of jazz.

After the concert Akira took time to share more about his performance as well as memories from his conference with the JASC delegates. More about Akira’s career as a jazz artist can be found at

The Cultural Innovation and the Arts roundtable with Akira Tana

University of Idaho delegate Matthew Bassett gets his new album signed by Akira


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