Opening Ceremony Marks Beginning of JASC 64

The 64th JASC is officially underway in Dallas, TX after the opening ceremony at Southern Methodist University. The event was hosted by SMU’s Dedman College in historic Dallas Hall.

Mr. Mark Berry presents to delegates on his experience as an active supporter of friendship between the U.S. and Japan in the Dallas community

After being called to order by the American and Japanese student chairs the Opening Ceremony proceeded with presentations from Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Dallas, John M. Stich, who presented on the Dallas area’s Japan-America Cultural Exchange Summit. Mr. Mark Berry (pictured to the right) presented on his involved with Japan from working for Fujitsu in Dallas to traveling to Japan several times as well as his involvment in the Japan-America Society of Dallas Fort Worth where he serves as chair of the Dallas Sendai Committee. Lastly, Dr. Hiroki Takeuchi provided the delegates with a multi-faceted lecture about the economic outlook of Japan, Japan’s relationship with China and Japan and the US’s involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Alumnus Troy Miller (JASC 39, 40 & 41) speaks with delegates, Jonathan Geider of Rutgers University pictured

The ceremony was followed by a reception in the rotunda of Dallas Hall where delegates mingled with guests including the opening ceremony speakers, Dr. Bill Tsutsui and Mr. Michael Clarke of SMU and several JASC alumni.

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The delegation of the 64th JASC in the rotunda of Dallas Hall


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