64th JASCers Volunteer in Tohoku

Each year before JASC meets in the summer, the Japanese delegation participates in a pre-JASC learning experience. This year the Japanese delegates traveled to the disaster-stricken Miyagi prefecture in North-Eastern Japan.

Delegates on the trip engaged in debris cleanup, agricultural activities and interviewed merchants at local markets at Minami-Sanriku and Kesennuma. They also heard a lecture from Sasaki Ikue, 63rd JASC alumna from Ishinomaki City, and Miura Kiyotaka, a city employee who leads the reconstruction planning. JASCers also got an opportunity to go to the cities of Minami-Sanriku and Ishinomaki to observe the reality of the damage and hear stories from locals about March 11th.

After returning from the trip the 64th JASC Japanese delegation has renewed their energy and enthusiasm for this summer’s conference. They are planning on sharing and discussing their experiences with other delegates when the 64th JASC commences in Dallas, TX this summer.


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