Sangwoo Kim

Sangwoo Kim is an intern at International Student Conferences (ISC). His main responsibility is as the advisor to the 15th Korea-America Student Conference (KASC). At the same time, he also provides advice to Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) and China-America Student Conference (CHasc) besides KASC. Sangwoo earned his bachelor’s degree in Social Welfare and English at Gangseo University and is currently studying at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management where he is aiming to obtain his master’s degree in Development Policy. His degree concentration is on both ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Data Science for Public Policy and Management’. He is interested in gender issues under dictatorships and in conflict zones. He is currently conducting an in-depth research project on gender quotas in legislatures to delve into the economic and political impacts due to gender quotas by comparing democratic and authoritarian states in Africa using quantitative methods. He is skilled in Data Visualization, Network Analysis, and Machine Learning through Python, STATA, and R.

Sangwoo participated in the 13th KASC as a Korean Delegate and served as the Korean Chair for the 14th KASC. Through the experience as a KASC Delegate and Executive Committee member he gained global leadership, academic knowledge, and cultural background. On the basis of that experience, he is working at ISC as an intern to contribute to the next international conference and help the conferences Executive Committee members. Sangwoo can be contacted at