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Busan, South Korea

Located on the Southeastern coast of the Korean peninsula, Busan offers a unique experience unlike anywhere else in the country. The city acts as a gateway for South Korea to the rest of the world as it is the country’s largest port city. Busan draws visitors from across the globe because of its distinctive food, rugged mountain range, beautiful beaches, and numerous cultural activities.

Being a metropolitan area, Busan has many engaging resources such as the Busan U.S. Consulate, Gimhae National Museum, the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, and much more. It is a city rich with history that is paving the way for the future of not only South Korea, but the entire world as some of its main industries include shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, and technology. As the first site of our conference, Busan will set the tone for KASC13 with its eclectic mix of natural and urban activities, academic and cultural resources, and historical and modern ways of life.