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Bordering the capital city of Seoul, the seemingly innocuous city of Incheon is quite important to South Korea’s economy. Thousands of people travel between Seoul and Incheon each day, making it a major transportation hub which contributes to its economic development. Not only is Incheon the home of Incheon International Airport, renowned as one of the top five airports in the world, but it is also home to the Songdo International Business District. While it is a fairly new district, many are anticipating its role in increasing economic prosperity of South Korea. Incheon also has deep historical ties with America that date back to the Korean War with the battle of Incheon lead by General Macarthur in 1950. Ever since then, Incheon has been a backbone to South Korea’s development and continues to grow as a powerful economic city. Some notable sites in Incheon include Chinatown, Ara Canal, Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall, Wolmido, and Songdo Central Park. The city is also just an hour away from the Joint Security Area, which lies right on the border between North and South Korea. Delegates will have the rare opportunity to tour this site during the conference.