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Sabrina Song

12th KASC Vice Chair
CUNY Macaulay Honors College

Hi everyone! My name is Sabrina Song, and I am the Vice Chair of the 12th Korea-America Student Conference Executive Committee. I am currently a junior at CUNY Macaulay Honors College, studying English Linguistics and Public Policy with a Concentration in Urban Policy. I am highly passionate about many things from AAPI issues to Marvel movies. When I am not in school, I enjoy drawing and photography to foster my creative side (though only at an amateur level!).

As a Korean-American who was born and raised in New York, I love any chance to gain more knowledge about my parents’ homeland. When applying for the 11th KASC, I expected it would help me widen my knowledge on US-ROK relations, but during the conference what I truly came to appreciate were the connections and bonds I made during that process. The conference provides an excellent cross-cultural experience to both American and Korean delegates as it facilitates relations between the students--the futures--of both countries. I know that what I learned during my time as a delegate, from the speakers and fellow delegates, will stay with me as I look towards my own future and that of the two countries. I am so honored to be part of this opportunity to use my time at 11th KASC elevate the experience even further for 2019. I look forward to having you as part of the 12th KASC delegation!