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Haeun Lee

Recruitment Chair, Korean Executive Committee
Konkuk University

Haeun Lee

Hello, KASCers! My name is Haeun Lee and I am the Recruitment Chair for the 11th KASC Korean Executive Committee, as well as one of the leaders of the “Business in the New Era of Global Economy” Roundtable. I am currently a junior at Konkuk University. My major is Chinese Language and Literature and I am double majoring in Real Estate. I also studied at Shanghai Jiaotong University for one semester in 2017 as an exchange student. During that period, I was able to broaden my perspective on life and be more confident and independent by traveling around China alone.

Most of all, I like traveling. When I have the time to go around new places, I can feel that I am learning and growing up. Next, I enjoy communicating with other people who have different backgrounds from mine. Do not hesitate to start a conversation with me!

After becoming a university student, I wanted to see the bigger world, not only Korea or China, but also America. To this point, 10th KASC was the first step toward the world for me. Every single part of KASC was always new for me and every single moment was awesome! That is why I decided to participate in 11th KASC one more time as an EC. I am really looking forward to meeting 11th KASCers!