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Sophie Osborn

University of California, San Diego
Vice Chair, American Executive Committee

Hi everyone! My name is Sophie Osborn, and I am your 10th KASC American Vice Chair, as well as your leader for the Energy and Environment Roundtable. I am in my third year of school at the University of California, San Diego, and additionally I am currently spending this year abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. My major is International Studies-History with a minor in Japanese studies, and I grew up in the little acknowledged capital of California, Sacramento. My hobbies include hiking, preparing Chinese tea, and going out to eat with friends.

Before I started college, my fascination with Korea mainly revolved around music and television, but after I began my studies I became more deeply interested in Korea's history, culture, and current issues. Participating in the 9th KASC was an amazing and eye-opening opportunity to meet other students in South Korea and form lasting friendships. I learned so much from my friends about what it means to live in South Korea and listen to their world views. The conference also helped me develop professionally through our collaborative roundtables and interactions with the lecturers and professionals who came to speak with us. There are very few programs out there where the entire focus is on both student leadership and cross-cultural exchange, and for that reason I believe that KASC is a unique and rewarding opportunity. I am excited to be able to recreate this incredible experience for the 10th KASC delegates and continue the legacy of the Korea-America Student Conference!