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Jiho Chae

Chung-ang University
Treasurer, Korean Executive Committee

Hello, KASCers! My name is Jiho Chae and I am the Treasurer for the 10th KASC Korean Executive Committee. Moreover, I am one of the leaders for Business/Entrepreneurship Roundtable. I go to Chung-ang University, and my major is business administration so I look forward to the discussions we will have this coming summer! In addition, my hobbies are playing soccer and traveling around the world. One of the things in my bucket-list is traveling to as many countries as I can, and experiencing many things that I haven’t done before.

There are several reasons why I decided to participate not only in the 9th KASC, but as a leader for the 10th. Firstly, I have been studying for the US CPA exam, and I dream of working in the US in the near future. With that in mind, I think it is really important to understand not only American culture, but also American modes of communication. As I mentioned before, I would like to experience different cultures and meet other people from across the world. KASC is just the right option for me to fill my needs. If you see yourself as someone with these same interests, goals, and passions, please join us! I was so inspired by my time with KASC, and I will use my own experience to make the 10th KASC even better as a leader.