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Dain Jeong

Jeju National University
Chair, Korean Executive Committee

Hello fellow KASCers! My name is Dain Jeong, and I am the Chair for the 10th KASC Korean Executive Committee as well as one of the leaders of the Technology roundtable. I am currently a freshman at the Jeju National University.

I would like to speak from experience: age does not matter when it comes to sharing the great memories, lessons, and many other great things at KASC. I learned that age is not enough to base a relationship on. It requires personality and a mindset to share and trust. This past KASC was a pretty astonishing time for me. I truly hope I can share the same experiences I had during 9th KASC in Korea with you next year. It left me with unforgettable memories and I met some amazing people from abroad with their own stories. We may seem intimidating as Executive Committee members, but we are so excited for what we have planned for you and we can’t wait to meet all of the 10th KASC delegates. See you there!