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Alexander Kim

American University
Chair, American Executive Committee

Hello everyone! My name is Alexander Kim, and I am excited to be serving the 10th KASC as the Chair of its American Executive Committee and as one of the leaders of the International Relations Roundtable. I am currently a sophomore at the American University’s School of International Service, intending on focusing on global politics and international economics, with a concentration in East Asian Affairs. I was born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, where I feel I was able to receive a good balance between Korean and American culture in my upbringing.

Being ethnically Korean, I have always been drawn to Korea, devoting much of my free time in middle school to studying its beautiful culture and history. In many ways, I feel indebted to both my motherland so deeply that I was driven to pursue international studies in hopes to be able to bring the United States and Korea closer. That goal is what first brought me to KASC, but after going through a conference I realized KASC did much more than what it gives itself credit for. It brought me closer to not only Korea, where the 9th conference was held, but also to many people from many diverse backgrounds. Visiting new places and seeing new things with new friends has been such an enriching experience that I couldn’t go home without contributing back in some way. Serving on the Executive Committee is my way of giving back. I would like to tell everyone that the conference offers delegates the opportunity to meet many great people, not just as lecturers or panelists, but also as peers and friends. I have many fond memories of 9th KASC, and I can’t wait to share them with the delegates of the 10th!