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10th KASC Executive Committee

Launched in 2008, KASC has been planned and implemented by students from the United States and Korea. Selected by their peers at the conclusion of every annual conference, American and Korean university students decide the conference theme, roundtable topics and global/bilateral issues they think are relevant to their future.

10th KASC EC

10th KASC Executive Committee

Students who are accepted as KASC delegates have the opportunity to engage in leadership building and cross cultural training by becoming Executive Committee (EC) members, a group of ten student leaders who plan and put together the Korea-America Student Conference (KASC). Elections for the Executive Committee occur at the end of each summer’s conference. Both American and Korean delegates have the opportunity to run for one of the ten positions, and are elected by the other American and Korean delegates to the Executive Committee.

Each year, KASC's Executive Committee is comprised of five students representing the U.S. and five students representing Korea. Over the course of the year, the Korean and American Executive Committee members work across the Pacific to plan everything from the conference theme, roundtable topics, to the day-to-day programming, contacting lecturers and speakers, and working with the host universities to plan logistics for the conference. They also attend the conference, and lead the student delegation during the conference as site coordinators, and roundtable leaders.

Elected by fellow delegates, Committee members work jointly across the Pacific to create and implement the next KASC.

Throughout the year, members of the American and Korean Executive Committees are supported by International Student Conferences in Washington, D.C.

10th KASC American and Korean Executive Committees

Alexander Kim
American University

Sophie Osborn
University of California, San Diego

Beth Vang
College of St. Benedict and St. John's University

Dain Jeong
Jeju National University

Emily Park
Emerson College

Minji Huh
Ewha Womans University

Jiho Chae
Chung-ang University