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Hyejin Park

Jeonbuk National University
Secretary, American Executive Committee

Hello, Brilliant KASCers! My name is Layla Hyejin Park and I am the secretary of the 6th KASC for the American Executive Committee. I’m currently majoring in Housing Environmental Design at Jeonbuk National University in Jeonju, Korea, although I am thinking about transferring to a double major in politics. My degree isn’t directly relevant to KASC but joining KASC isn’t dependent on your major, people from all backgrounds can join. As a 5th KASCer, I was really lucky to have many great experiences and I’m looking forward to having more next year. I am very passionate about being given this opportunity to lead this KASC program. My 5th KASC roundtable was Education; now I am in charge of politics which I’m interested in for this 6th KASC; I hope my background and knowledge of politics can grow more. The 5th KASC changed my life; it made me more passionate and challenged me which has made me a better person. I can say KASC ignited my life. I can’t wait to see more changes after the 6th KASC. Let’s catch fire on our special life with this great opportunity!