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Yoonie Chung

Korea University
Korean Executive Committee

Hello Everyone :) I’m Yun kyong (Yoonie) Chung and I attend Korea University majoring in Political Science and International Relations. I am so grateful to be part of the 6th KASC Executive Committee. Like what every KASCer would say, the month of July was filled with amazing memories that I will always look back and smile and I am really excited to be part of KASC again. KASC has provided me the opportunities to visit places that I always dreamt of such as the World Bank and the chances to meet leaders of Korea and the United States. I can truly say that the 5th KASC has impacted my life in so many ways. I not only learned a lot from my politics round table which is helping me a lot with my major now but also from other round tables that I was not very familiar with. Also, I got to learn more about the field that I would like to work at during the KASC. Last but not least, I have gained friends that will last a lifelong. The 6th KASC will give you more than what you expected. Apply for the 6th KASC! Hope to see you all next summer!