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Tucson, Arizona

Sometimes referred to as "The Old Pueblo" and "America's biggest small town", the Southwestern city of Tucson, Arizona embodies a rich multicultural heritage. Native American and Spanish influences are evident in historic landmarks such as Catholic missions and battle sites, as well as the people, such as the Gila River Native American community who continue to thrive there today. Located in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson’s beautiful landscape is surrounded by mountains and carpeted with Saguaro cacti, making it a one-of-a-kind view for sunrises and sunsets. In addition to being the home of numerous museums and attractions, Tucson was the first city to earn the UNESCO designation of World City of Gastronomy.

Tucson is not only a city of heritage; Tucson is a city for the future of science. With research facilities such as the Kitt Peak observatory, Biosphere 2, and the University of Arizona, the region is rich in scientific development, making it an optimal sight to gain a glimpse into issues like climate change and space exploration that affect us all. JASC 72 hopes to use Tucson’s vibrant culture and unique resources to explore the American Southwest and what it means to the US-Japan relationship today.