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Los Angeles, California

Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is the most populated city in California and the second most populated city in the United States. Los Angeles is the cultural and economic heart of Southern California. While being home to Hollywood and referred to as “the entertainment capital of the world, ” Los Angeles has also served as the site for two summer Olympic games and will host its third in 2028. The plethora of museums and art galleries reflect the city’s synchronicity of rich history and contemporaneity. As a global city with a high GDP and thriving economy, Los Angeles attracts people from all around the world, creating a dynamic immigrant population and creating hubs for ethnic and cultural diversity, and also serves as a sister city to twenty-five cities around the world, including Nagoya, Japan. With Southern California being home to the largest Japanese American population in North America, Los Angeles serves as a cultural connection between the US and Japan. Among other locations, JASC 72 will be visiting Little Tokyo, the largest officially recognized Japantown in the United States. Exploration of the neighborhood, including a tour of the Japanese American National Museum, will allow delegates to see and hear for themselves the stories of World War II Japanese internment, sparking important discussion of past, present, and future links between Japan and the US