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Kochi, located on the island of Shikoku, is the perfect example of a community that has continued to live in harmony with its surrounding environment. The forests and seas provides the area with a diverse geography: the west with its inlets and the east coast with sandy beaches. The Kochi area, with the peaks of Ishizuchi and Tsurugi, showcases the geographic complexity that Japan has to offer. But perhaps the most famous nature spot in Kochi is the Shimanto River, which is known as one of the most beautiful rivers in all of Japan.

In addition to its natural resources, Kochi is famous for its Yosakoi festival held in August, which encompasses the spirit of Kochi, with the main event being the dancing. This Yosakoi dance style combines traditional Japanese dance with modern music to produce an electric atmosphere with the dancers’ use of naruko, small wooden clappers. The Yosakoi festival roots itself in the history of Kochi as well, where the Kochi Castle remains in its pre-restoration form. Kochi will provide delegates with an opportunity to see the natural beauty of Japan’s more rural areas, and the community that has preserved it.