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Madison, WI

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin, the Dairy State. Here, technology reigns supreme, particularly in the agricultural sector where it is used to produce some of the highest-quality dairy products in the nation. Farms aside, Madison is a center of the biotechnology industry and has a long history of introducing scientific discoveries into the marketplace, and is just a short bus ride away from large manufacturing companies such as the Harley-Davidson corporate headquarters and the Kikkoman Soy Sauce facility. But technology is not the only field in which Madison prides itself as a leader; politically, the city drives the rest of Wisconsin in terms of foreign affairs and local development. Civil unrest lies beneath the surface, however, as Wisconsin voted as a swing state in the 2016 Presidential elections, bringing to surface the long-buried tensions amongst various economic, racial, and ethnic groups. Fortunately, one thing that most Madisonians can agree upon is that the cheese at the Dane County Farmers’ Market is second to none. In addition to cheese-tasting, in Madison delegates will have the chance to delve deep into themes such as technology’s relationship to environmental sustainability, political division and unification, family life, and the links between local industry and international business, all the while visiting exciting places such as nationally-renowned museums, historical landmarks, scenic nature trails, and of course, Wisconsin Dells, the waterpark capital of the world.