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Executive Committee

From its origin, JASC has been organized by university students who are interested in global and bilateral issues facing the U.S. and Japan. This tradition of student leadership has endured more than 75 years and is maintained through Executive Committees.

The 65th JASC Executive Committee at the University of Washington.

Each year, JASC's Executive Committee is comprised of eight students representing the U.S. and eight students representing Japan. Elected by fellow delegates, Committee members work jointly across the Pacific to create and implement the next JASC.

Throughout the year, members of the American Executive Committee are supported by International Student Conferences in Washington, D.C. Similarly, members of the Japanese Executive Committee are supported by International Education Center in Tokyo.

65th JASC American Executive Committee

Paul Yarabe
Harvard University

Santiago Cruz
Cornell University

Patrick Meuer
Edgewood College

Katherine Jordan
Wellesley College

Nobuko Masuno
University of California, Berkeley

So Nakayama
Macalester College

Madison Mears
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Cruz Arroyo
Haverford College