JASC Fall 2013 Newsletter

The Fall 2013 edition of the JASC Journal is now available online. You can view the journal by clicking here. This addition includes a profile of Rachel Horton, a JASC 63 & 64 (2011 & 2012) alumna who is now working for Japan’s Permanent Mission to the UN, a recap of JASC 65, an invitation to ISC’s Washington, D.C. fundraiser, a call for applicants to JASC 66, and your JASCer notes.

Enjoy the Fall 2013 edition of the JASC Journal!


Asia Society Hosts, “An Asian American Triumph: From Internment Camps to Reparations”

On Thursday, June 20th, Asia Society hosted an extraordinary event titled, “An Asian American Triumph: From Internment Camps to Reparations.” As one of the event’s outreach partners, International Student Conferences was invited to attend. Yuuki Shinomiya, Executive Director of ISC was joined by Jenny Kai, KASC 3 (2010), and Rachel Horton, JASC 63 & 64 (2011 & 2012), in representing both conferences and engaging in discussion afterwards. A few other JASCers  were also in attendance, most notably, Ambassador and Consul-General of Japan in New York, Shigeki Hiroki, JASC 28 & 29 (1976 & 1977), and Consul Kengo Yoshihara, JASC 41 (1989).

The event was both informative as well as inspiring. Ambassador Hiroki and Nicholas Platt, Asia Society President Emeritus, introduced the speakers and significance of the event. Fred Katayama, the moderator of the event, told his father’s story of internment in the United States during World War II. After he spoke, he welcomed Grant Ujifusa, Redress Strategy Chair of the Japanese American Citizens League, and then Tom Kean, former Governor of New Jersey, to share their personal stories of President Ronald Reagan reversing his opposition to the Japanese American redress bill and eventually signing the HR 442 on August 10, 1988.  The event continued with questions and answers that added even more to the history surrounding the redress and how we can use what happened in the past as a way to pave a future of less suffering and segregation. By signing the HR 442, President Ronald Reagan showed the United States that justice being served and the reparations paid to those interned were more important than the fiscal budget.

Although the history of Japanese Americans interned during WWII is not taught in all schools across the United States, it is a shameful part of the nation’s history and a lesson that should be imparted so as to never be repeated. JASC has always made efforts to educate young leaders from the US and Japan about Japanese American community’s history and contributions to the American society.

For further reading:

This article was written by Rachel Horton, alumna of JASC 63 & 64 (2011 & 2012).


JASC Fundraiser a Success in New York

John Shook, JASC 29 (1977) speaks about his JASC experience

On Wednesday, May 8, 2013 JASCers and supporters gathered in New York City for a fundraiser. The event was graciously hosted by MetLife at their Bryant Park building. Over 100 people were in attendance for the event that rekindled JASC memories and introduced the program to some new friends. The event, along with the online campaign for fundraising has brought in over $16,000 for JASC this year.

JASCers from JASC 61-64 reunite during the event

John Shook, JASC 29 (1977), was the first speaker of the evening. He spoke on how JASC impacted him personally and helped launch his esteemed career for Toyota and now the Lean Enterprise Institute. More about John and his work here.

Kengo Yoshihara speaks at the JASC Fundraiser

He was followed by Kengo Yoshihara, JASC 41 (1989) and Consul of Japan in New York City. Kengo spoke on the importance of JASC to U.S.-Japan relations and his own experience as a delegate.

Jillian Anderson speaks at the JASC fundraiser

Jillian Anderson, JASC 63 & 64 (2011 & 2012) spoke next and gave an account of what she gained during her experience as a delegate and as chair of the American Executive committee and how the skills she has learned are helping her now as a young professional.

The keynote speaker of the evening was Glen S. Fukushima, JASC 22 & 23 (1970 & 1971) and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. He gave a speech about the impact of JASC on 3 levels, the personal, the national, and the international. In addition to learning skills he found valuable in his career as a U.S. trade representative at the JASC, Glen also met his wife of over 40 years, Ms. Sakie Fukushima, also JASC 22 & 23 (1970 & 1971), during the conference. More about Glen on his website.

Glen S. Fukushima speaking at the JASC Fundraiser

The purpose of the event was to help ISC reach its goal of raising $20,000 from individuals and $20,000 from corporations in support of the upcoming conference thanks to generous supporters like our corporate sponsors, MetLife, Toyota, Sojitz, Marubeni, and the Japan Chamber of Commerce. ISC is still progressing towards this goal and donations of any amount are appreciated. More at www.iscdc.org/donate/.


JASCers Head to Japan as Bridging Scholars

Alexander Evans (left), Kimberly Julien (middle) and Rachel Horton (right), Villanova students at JASC 63 American Orientation at Carleton College in Northfield, MN

Two JASCers will study in Japan this Spring as Bridging Scholars. Kimberly Julien, JASC 63 & 64 (2011 & 2012) and Alexander Evans, JASC 63 (2011), both of Villanova University, join 18 other students around the country in receiving the prestigious scholarship.

List of Spring 2013 Bridging Scholarship Recipients  

The US-Japan Bridging Foundation awards scholarships to U.S. undergraduate students to study for one semester or academic year in Japan.  The Foundation aims to expand the opportunities for study abroad in Japan to help prepare America’s young people to assume future global leadership roles. Since 1999, 1275 scholarships have been awarded by the US-Japan Bridging Foundation to students studying abroad in Japan.

Applications will be accepted in April 2013 for the next group of Bridging Scholarships, for study in Japan beginning in Fall 2013. For information on the scholarships and to access the application form, visit the Bridging Project online at www.aatj.org/studyabroad/scholarships.html. For information on the Bridging Foundation, visit www.bridgingfoundation.org.


JASC Matters-JASC featured on “Japan Matters for America” Site

The East-West Center of Washington, a nonprofit organization which promotes understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific recently featured JASC on their “Asia Matters for America” Blog.  The article describes the JASC experience in detail and shares JASC’s storied history. Kunihiro Shimoji (JASC 62, 63) was interviewed for the piece.


Emma Tome (JASC 63) Recalls Her JASC Experience

Emma Tome represented the University of California, Berkley  as a delegate to the 63rd JASC in 2011. In this article on the UC-Berkeley webpage, she describes the reality Japan has been facing from the disaster and an unforgettable moment during the conference with her family in Okinawa.


Dan Jodarski (JASC 62 & 63): “What Can Students Do, Anyway?”


Dan Jodarski, current program manager for JASC, was part of the executive committee for the 63rd conference. Dan blogged about his JASC experience while working as an analyst for Social Enterprises Associates. The blog post, “What Can Students Do Anyway?”, gives an encouraging account of the steps that students can take to make a difference in the world.


Andrew Leistensnider (JASC 63 & 64) in Baylor University News

In a recent article, Baylor University featured student Andrew Leistensnider (JASC 63 & 64). In 2011, Andrew represented Baylor as a delegate to the 63th JASC and was elected as an executive committee member for the 64th JASC in 2012.

This article illuminates how Andrew developed his leadership through JASC and his future ambition for the 64th Conference. Visit the site to read more about his story!

( They’d  written about him and JASC on the last article in April, 2011)


Courtney Kimball (JASC 63), Kunihiro Shimoji (JASC 62 & 63) in the CSB/SJU News

Courtney Kimball and Kunihiro Shimoji were featured in their school’s newspaper for their participation in JASC. They commented on what they learned from the conference and what the JASC experience was for them.

Please visit the article “Building bridges, strengthening skills” and learn more about JASC directly from these JASC alumni.