JASC 67 Day 18— August 18, 2015 by Hanae Miyake

Today was our first full day at the Tokyo site. After eating breakfast at the Olympic Youth Center, we headed to Haneda airport where we rehearsed for Thursday’s Final Forum. Most groups, including my Religion Roundtable, worked until the last minute, trying to polish our presentation in order to get the most out of the rehearsal. On the bus to Haneda, we rushed to write our script for the presentation. Once we got to the airport, we spent more time working on our PowerPoint before the rehearsal started.

The Religion RT was the first one up, and we presented our material within the 15-minute time restriction. However, other JASCers criticized that our presentation lacked clear transitions and cohesiveness. Though their comments may sound harsh, our RT appreciated the honest feedback. It is amazing how people who we didn’t know 3 weeks ago can be so tight and share their honest thoughts. The rehearsal was a valuable opportunity for the Religion RT to get back onto the right track, and we greatly appreciated the comments and criticisms from other participants.

After lunch, the Tokyo Infrastructure Forum began, where distinguished guests and speakers gathered to lecture us on the future of infrastructure in Tokyo, focusing especially on Tokyo 2020. Speakers from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan Tourism Agency, ANA holdings, Japan Airlines, Japan Airport Terminal, and NEC gave us critical and important insight on the future of infrastructure. Following the lectures, we had a chance to discuss about some of the problems Japanese infrastructure face today and we tried to come up with solutions or innovative ideas reflecting these issues. The discussion session gave us the opportunity to digest some of the information presented during the lecture, and it was great to exchange idea with people outside of my RT. The forum ended with dinner/networking event where delegates had the chance to talk with the speakers and guests. Overall, August 18th was rich in terms of context.

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