Jeff Heerdink (KASC 2 & 3) is in an M.A. in West European Studies at Indiana University

Jeff Heerdink (KASC 2 & 3) represented Indiana University as a delegate to 2nd KASC in 2009 and was elected as a member of the Executive Committee for the 3th KASC in 2010. He also studied in Nanzan Univeristy in Nagoya, Japan for the fall semester in 2009.

Now he just finished the first year of an M.A. program in West European Studies at Indiana University.  This summer, he’ll be studying comparative public policy for a month in Speyer, Germany.  Additionally, he will be spending two months in Ankara, Turkey, studying the Turkish language through a Critical Language Scholarship from the U.S. State Department.  In the fall, he will be participating in a six-month graduate exchange fellowship with the Free University of Berlin.  If any KASCers are in Europe over the next year or so, they should message him to meet up!


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